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Know how Blockchain is an encrypted record of information while also being the most secure technology out there.

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How Blockchain is Useful For your Business

Blockchain has a nearly endless amount of applications across almost every industry. The ledger technology can be applied to track fraud in finance, securely share patient medical records between healthcare professionals, liquidate your capital as cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc.) and even acts as a better way to track intellectual property in businesses.

Blockchain Services

Supply chain

In Today’s world, consumers demand product authenticity and sustainability, and businesses demand data integrity and faster reconciliation between their partners. We at Neolen help you in this by boosting your supply chain with multi-tier visibility and workflow automation.

Digital identity and credentials

Manage your information through an encrypted digital wallet on your personal device and maintain control of what you share, with whom and for what purpose. Neolen provides verifiable identity and credentials such as personal health and education records in a privacy-preserving way.

Digital assets

Make your own unique digital asset which goes beyond usual financial instruments and enables you to make trades of all kinds with more liquidity and pace at a minimal cost. We also provide you with managing tools to manage your asset’s lifecycle on a secure, scalable platform with risk and compliance programs specifically designed for digital assets.

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