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How Cloud & DevOps is Useful For your Business

Cloud + DevOps accelerates software delivery. DevOps & Cloud aim for continuous innovation and faster delivery of software from development through operations. DevOps is the automation of Software Upgrades. The idea is to empower developers to respond to the needs of the business in near real-time. In other words, it is a cycle of continuous improvements and growth which is much essential in the business industry.

Cloud & DevOps Services

Cloud Architecture & Design

These services comprise of components and solutions related to cloud databases along with ever-growing software development needs.

CI/CD Pipeline

Implementing Continuous Integration CI/CD to integrate code into a shared repository.

Security Management and Monitoring

We at Neolen handle Critical services with utmost responsibility to ensure protection against cyber threats using cloud security and monitoring services.

Website or App Migration To Cloud

We Migrate your Websites or Applications to different cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP etc.

Cloud Consulting

Get Help and Consulting at Neolen to make the most of the cloud Services that include Managed Security, Cloud Strategy & Cloud Migration.

Infrastructure Management

Finalize your Cloud Infrastructure Requirements with the help of our Cloud Solution Architect the are Undisputed Experts in their areas.

Our Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself and we are proud of it


GetBoarded is an intelligent way to build your info graphic portfolio & get yourself hooked to opportunities.


VideoWiki is an open Collaboratory content editing platform that enables rapid creation, modification, protection and monetization of immersive content.

Trusted Predictions

Trusted Predictions provide latest news, live score and predictions in cricket sport.

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