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Kips Learning Software

A software which is used for School Test Generator or Test Taker.

TV Channel Logo Recognition

Recognition of TV Channel Logo to identify which channel is running which is used in calculating TRP.


Pacome is Android and IOS Application which Suggest you Best Stock to Buy. It use latest machine learning technologies.

Motorsport 360

Get the full 360° view of all your motorsport news in one convenient App based browser. Linking to the world’s best sites with news on Formula 1, WRC, NASCAR, Supercars, TCR, drag racing and many more.

Our Startup Community Stories


GetBoarded is an intelligent way to build your info graphic portfolio & get yourself hooked to opportunities.


VideoWiki is an open Collaboratory content editing platform that enables rapid creation, modification, protection and monetization of immersive content.

Trusted Predictions

Trusted Predictions provide latest news, live score and predictions in cricket sport.

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